Can you Return a Leased Car Early?

Experiencing an unexpected lifestyle change or just looking for a vehicle upgrade? At D&M Leasing we understand there are many circumstances why you may need to return a leased car early.

We are all about making things easy for our car leasing customers. That is why one of the benefits of our D&M EZ Lease is no termination penalties. That’s right, if you decide to opt out of your lease, you never pay early termination penalties. And of course your D&M Lease representative is always there to help guide you through the process.

Prepare your Vehicle

First step to returning a leased car is preparing your vehicle. Your car should be clean and well-maintained. We encourage you to wash and detail and check the tires for obvious wear and tear before returning your leased car. You should also check your lease contract for minimal acceptable condition of your vehicle. Your agent can help arrange a pre-inspection so you know exactly what to expect.

Return your Vehicle to D&M

Without the burden of substantial penalties and fees usually associated with early termination you are free to return your leased vehicle back to D&M. We are happy to arrange transport and will provide the basic forms needed. At D&M you have the option of either returning your vehicle or trading in your vehicle for another vehicle lease, depending on your contract. Nearly seventy percent of our business at D&M is from repeat and referred clients. Flexibility and early options are our specialty!

If you are interested in buying a clean, one owner lease return, you can check out our lease return inventory for a great deal on a pre-owned car.

Purchase your Vehicle Lease

With the flexibility of returning your car lease to D&M without any fees, you also have the option to buy out or payoff your current lease. Most of our clients lease again, but you can purchase your vehicle outright at any point during the lease.

Customer-Centric Experience

There’s a reason why we have several thousand satisfied D&M Auto Leasing customers; we offer you easy and flexible options to match your lifestyle. If you still have questions about returning your leased car early, one of our friendly, local D&M representatives will be more than happy to help you.