Lease the Nissan of Your Dreams



On behalf of our entire executive team at D&M Leasing, we are grateful for your business.

With over 30 years and 50,000 leased vehicles on the road today, D&M has been able to purchase our own finance company, as well as our own dealerships across Texas & Oklahoma.

That allows us to bring special programs to our loyal customers.

We hope you’ve experienced great customer service at D&M Leasing over the years.

We will make a $1,000 down payment towards your deal when you lease a new Nissan through D&M.

This is on top of the aggressive rebates that manufacturers are currently offering.

New vehicle inventory and factory incentives are at a multi-year high, so this is an excellent time for you to save money if it makes sense for you and your family.

There are no gimmicks with this $1,000 down payment toward your deal. This assistance is in addition to all current factory incentives and rebates. Our agents are here for you to deliver the white glove service you deserve.

Again, if this offer is a benefit to you, don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to your visit.


Mike Hernandez

CEO / Owner