5 Step Guide to Vehicle Leasing

At D&M Auto Leasing, we strive to make vehicle leasing easy and enjoyable. We have created an easy 5 step guide to help you through the vehicle leasing process.

Step 1: Do Your Homework

Start by determining what type of vehicle you like. Discover the various sizes within the car type you are looking for and narrow down your options of make and model. View the various options and features each car has to offer and determine if the car is within your budget. To prevent feeling overwhelmed, we suggest narrowing down to your top 3 choices and test drive those vehicles. During your test drive, inquire about specials and offers for vehicle leases.  

Step 2:  The Car Lease Contract 

You want to become familiar with leasing terminology, so you are knowledgeable with the terms of the car leasing contract. You should know how many months you want to lease your car and how many miles you expect to drive annually.  Be prepared to ask about warranties and if car service maintenance is covered or included in your lease. Typical lease terms are 30-39 months and 10,000- 12,000 miles per year.  Also, don’t forget to ask about the current lease specials or vehicle lease deals to maximize your savings

Step 3: Estimate Your Vehicle’s Leasing Monthly Payment

The most important step is knowing your budget. There are several free online tools to help you determine your monthly payment. The formula factors the residual value, mileage, down payment, and trade-in value of your previous vehicle to determine your estimated monthly payment. A D&M Leasing agent can help you find the perfect budget. 

Step 4: Call D&M Auto Leasing 

At D&M Auto Leasing, our staff is dedicated to granting you superior customer service, without pressuring you to sign. We offer competitive lease offers and are committed to finding you the best car lease deal within your budget. We offer a variety of lease programs like EZ Lease.  You are ready for the last step.

Step 5: Review & Sign Your Vehicle Lease

After working with your trusted car leasing agent, you are ready to review the paperwork and sign on the dotted line. You found the vehicle, got a low monthly payment, and determined your car lease terms. You are now ready to drive off with your new leased vehicle or get your vehicle delivered right to you!  

Unofficial, Step 6: Celebrate Your New Car Lease!

At D&M Leasing, we are dedicated to excellent customer service without imposing on your time. Receive exceptionally friendly local service every time you have a question about your lease.