When is the Best Time to Lease a Car?

Before visiting D&M Auto Leasing, you should have all the knowledge on how to make the leasing process work for you. People often question when is the best time to lease a car? Our brief overview will tell you the best time to look for a lease on a vehicle.

New Deals, Offers, and Specials

The most common answer is when a car leasing company promotes a new special, offer, or deal on a vehicle. At D&M, we aim to give you the best deals and incentives that work for you. Whether it is at the end of the year or around holidays, D&M will have the best offer for you at any point in time.

Best Residual Value

The residual value on a vehicle is the amount of money it is worth at the end of a lease. The value directly impacts your monthly payments. Another common answer people believe is leasing a vehicle at the end of its model year gives you the best deal. That is not always the case.

In fact, depending on the projected resale value, it could actually cost you more in the end. If you wait until the end of the year, you could end up with an extra year of depreciation. For example, if you leased a vehicle for 36 months at the end of the model year, its residual value to be four years older (48 months) rather than three.

At D&M Auto Leasing, we offer low, competitive interest rates along with real market residuals to allow more flexibility. With an EZ lease, you will get the lowest rates of any company on a standard lease.

After New Models are Introduced

Lastly, one of the top answers you will get is after a car manufacturer introduces a new model or redesign into the market. With a new updated model vehicle coming out, the older model car will have a good residual value and less additional depreciation. At D&M Auto Leasing, we offer leasing advantages such as having the ability to call and trade in your current leased vehicle over the phone for the newest model.

So, when is the best time to lease a car? As you can see, you can take advantage of specific times of the year. We recommend you start at D&M Auto Leasing and that you always consider the available lease deals, residual values, and new models introduced to the market.