The Benefits of a Commercial Auto Leasing

Fleet leasing has more advantages than ever before for companies that need the cash flow to reinvest in their business. It takes a lot of capital to buy and maintain a fleet, and for some growing businesses it makes financial sense to free up credit lines for more important purchases. At D&M Auto Leasing, our staff will work with you directly to ensure your fleet lease is managed with ease and efficiency.


We specialize in business use vehicle leases and offer commercial fleets and even equipment leasing for our clients.  Even if you just want a personal vehicle for business use we have the right lease to suit you and will help you manage your tax benefits.

Better Cars With Improved Features

Fleet leasing means equipping your staff with the latest and greatest vehicles. With an updated fleet, your employees benefit from improved safety features, better fuel economy and new technologies that will make doing their job a breeze. Plus, when the time comes to renew your lease, you can simply return your fleet and lease an even newer set of vehicles!

Cut Down on Administrative Tasks

When you buy a fleet, administrative tasks are also part of the package. From renewing registrations to determining how much taxes you owe, there’s a number of details you may miss if you’re not familiar with all that managing a fleet requires. When you lease your commercial fleet from D&M Auto Leasing, we’ll take a care of all your fleet leasing management needs, saving you time and most importantly, money.

Fleet Leasing Helps Build Your Brand

Business owners are also attracted to fleet leasing because of the intangible benefits. With a number of modern and reliable vehicles on the road, your fleet becomes a representation of your company’s image. A uniform, clean-looking fleet can also help boost your company’s marketing efforts when potential customers see your vehicles driving around town!


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