Commercial Fleet Leasing Benefits

J.P. Morgan Research reports that new vehicle affordability has continued to decline this year. High demand and low inventory market dynamics triggered record high prices, and there is still little relief in sight.

The good news? Customizable solutions and tax advantages provide a unique opportunity for businesses through commercial fleet leasing.

Understanding that fleet leasing is the best option for your business is just the first step. Constructing a plan that is beneficial to your company’s continued growth and success is a different story altogether. It can be an intimidating undertaking, small businesses waste an average of 5-10% of their fleet vehicle budget yearly, but D&M is here to help.

For starters, growing companies can add or replace vehicles and lower their total cost of ownership through leasing, and with D&M, no number of vehicles is too few. We specialize in smaller fleet vehicle leasing. D&M acquires vehicles using their extensive, nationwide fleet network saving you time while getting the best pricing, and lowest lease rates available.


  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Enhanced Cash Flow
  • No Wear and Tear Requirements
  • Controlled Maintenance Expenses
  • Full Service Fleet Management Tools
  • Free Fleet Analysis with Expert Recommendations
  • Tax Savings

Now is the time. Request a quote online, give us a call, or get down to D&M Auto Leasing and let us help get your business on the move.

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