Is Auto Leasing Right For You?

Drive a Nicer Vehicle

Buying typically limits you to more modest vehicles, preventing you from driving the vehicle you actually want. With leasing, luxury vehicles are capable of rates competitive to economy cars. Since luxury cars hold their value, their monthly rates can even be lower than more modest models. Leasing also allows you to take advantage of new car technology, and then upgrade to the latest innovation.

Drive a New Car Every 2-3 Years

Get more out of your car for less money. By leasing, you are driving the vehicle while it’s in its prime, and returning it before its use starts to show.

You may see not owning the vehicle at the end of the lease as a drawback. However, as the price of cars increase, people are financing them for increasingly longer. They do not realize that by doing so, they rarely own them outright.

No Down Payments

The title says it all, but most car lease deals require no money down. With D&M’s EZ Lease, you could lease with no down payment, and no payments for the first 60 days.

Lower monthly payments

You are only paying for the “use” of the vehicle, rather than the total value. The average lease is about 3 years long, while the average car loan takes 6.5 years to pay off, and is steadily increasing, resulting in interest rates far past the vehicle’s initial value.

Easy trade-in

Normal wear and tear is expected, so most car lease returns are as simple as turning in the keys.

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