Top 4 Features in New Car Safety Technology

With cars evolving towards complete autonomy, the latest car technology focuses on safety features. D&M Auto Leasing compiled a list of our favorite, currently available, new car safety technology.

Advanced Backup Cameras

Backup cameras are quickly becoming a staple in vehicles, but the latest cameras feature multi-angle and even 360-degree views. Multi-angle views include a bird’s eye perspective allows drivers to see their entire car in relation to its surroundings.  Advanced backup cameras are advantageous for fitting into tight spaces such as parallel parking.

City dwellers will benefit from advanced backup cameras, while rural drivers reap less of its benefits. Brands featuring the latest advanced backup cameras include new Infiniti models, select Nissans, and the new Toyota Prius.

Augmented Reality Owner’s Manual

Unlike paperbacks or ebooks, augmented reality owner’s manuals are user-centric. Augmented reality manuals provide instant solutions to consumers. A user can focus their smart phone on any part of the vehicle, and will receive in-depth information immediately. Augmented reality eliminates the grueling process of thumbing through the user’s manual for answers. The new Hyundai Sonata successfully executes this technology for now, but this will likely catch on with other brands.

Automatic Steering

Automatic steering is popping up in two forms: lane-keep assistance and semi-autonomous steering. Lane-keep assistance prevents accidents by correcting steering if the vehicle veers out of the lane. Semi-autonomous steering is especially exciting because vehicles with this feature are capable of hands free driving. However, the vehicle will request for you to regain control of the wheel in less than a minute, but semi-autonomous steering is a significant step towards self-driving vehicles. Regular highway commuters benefit from automatic steering due to its ability to prevent accidents caused by distracted driving. 

Automatic steering has already caught trend with lane-keep assistance fairly prevalent in new cars. Semi-autonomous steering is commonplace with high-end models, as well as moderate selections such as the Acura TLX, Infiniti Q50, Subaru Legacy, and the Chrysler 200.

Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive headlights adjust to road conditions for optimal view. Automatic high beams illuminate and dim accordingly. Nighttime and rural drivers will gain the most from adaptive headlights.  Automatic high beams are increasingly available in new cars.