9 Steps to Leasing a Car

You’ve made the decision to lease instead of buy, but you may be unclear of the next step. To avoid a terrible leasing experience, D&M Auto Leasing has created a simple, yet comprehensive guide to leasing a car. 

Read our 9 Steps to Leasing a Car:

1. Evaluate Your Wants and Needs

Assess your average mileage, ride capacity, gas mileage, safety features, and other important factors.

2. Select Specific Models

Based on your wants and needs, create a list of vehicle models that fit the description.

3. Test Drive

Time to take them for a spin! Focus on each vehicle’s drivability, blind spots, braking, steering, any noises related to the car, and shock-absorption.

4. Ask About Safety Features

Ask if the vehicle comes with anti-lock brake systems, electronic stability control or head-protecting side air bags, as these are the most commonly used features.

5. Talk Price First

Negotiate the purchase price before mentioning the intention of leasing. You want the lowest agreed-upon price first.

6. Debate The Vehicle’s Value

The determined value directly affects the monthly payments. Aim for an offer closer to the dealer’s wholesale price than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

7. Calculate Your Monthly Payments

Take the total cost of the vehicle, subtract its residual rate in dollars, and finally divide that number by your lease term in months.

8. Contact Car Leasing Companies

Make a few calls and shop around for the best deal.

9. Review the Lease

Make sure you completely understand the contract, debate any additional fees that you may be able to waive, and finally, sign.