Hyundai Equus Leasing

Longing for a life of luxury?  Ready for a car that can handle everything you have to offer?  The Hyundai Equus is eagerly awaiting your arrival.  With performance that impresses the fastest of cars, safety features keeping you and your loved ones secure, and a sleek exterior that no one can resist, the Hyundai Equus is ready to drive you around.

The exterior of the Equus might leave you feeling restless.  With its 19-inch chrome wheels, captivating front fog lights, and bright-eyed LED turn-signal indicator, the Hyundai Equus gets all of the attention, every time.  Because of its engineering, the 19-inch alloy wheels give the Equus superior handling.  The advanced HID Xenon headlights make driving a little easier on you.  The Adaptive Front Lighting Systems turns as the steering angles, making sure each curve receives the perfect amount of lighting.  Now that is devotion.  The Hyundai Equus makes sure you get everything you could imagine in a vehicle.  To keep your Equus looking luxurious, it is equipped with a full-body chrome accents.  Beginning with the horizontal grille and 19-inch chrome alloy wheels, chrome accents continue from the bumpers and door handles all the way down to the chrome exhaust tips.

You will feel the luxury of the Hyundai Equus at the mere sight of all of its flawless features, but when you enter to interior of the Equus, luxury takes on a whole new meaning.  Look around and what will you see?  Leather everything.  The driver seat is not only leather, but is heated, cooled, and has a massage feature.  Make seating adjustments using the upper door panel with memorization features.  Park using the rearview camera, which makes the tightest parking spots easy to get into.  When you’re enjoying your life of luxury, don’t forget about your friends and family.  The rear seating is built with luxury in mind.  Instead of three uncomfortable seats, rear seating has two premium seats—heated and cooled with power-adjustable head rests.  And of course, your passengers shouldn’t be blinded by the sun.  The rear widows are equipped with sunshades, keeping your passengers, and you, happy.

Enjoy your Hyundai Equus with 17 speakers from the Lexicon 7.1 Discrete Surround Sound Audio System.  With a 13-channel digital amplifier and 608 watts of pure perfection, your Equus is ready for the road ahead.

Want an engine that can give you the speed you need?  The Hyundai Equus can handle the job.  With Tau 5.0L V8 engine, you will experience 429-horsepower of raw performance.  And to maximize power, the Tuned-Induction System is included.

With all of the power and beauty of the Hyundai Equus, this vehicle is equally stocked full of safety features.  Nine airbags line the Equus as the Vehicle Stability Management systems makes sure all passive and active safety features are working properly.  If you are looking for a car that can take you to the next level, the Hyundai Equus is waiting for you.  Updated to perfection, the Equus is equipped with all the right features to get you where you need to be.