Volvo S Series Car Leasing

The new Volvo S Series is turbocharged and dressed to impress. Achieving class-leading honors in price, performance, luxury and safety, the S Series trumps most vehicles who dare to compare. In fact, the only thing more impressive than the S Series itself is its modest price tag.

The S Series has been awarded top honors in interior quality, safety, performance, and value from leading industry experts. The S60 was named best-in-class in fuel efficiency, acceleration, and coverage with a 5-year warranty. Let D&M help you lease the car that’s instant gratification with every turn of the ignition.

  • Volvo’s reputation for safety remains an integral part of the S Series, while the powerful turbocharged engine and finely tuned sport suspension make this car a maven of the road. Hold onto your wits as 236 lb.-ft. of pavement-peeling torque remind you of your wise investment every time you rev your engine. It doesn’t stop there; intuitive controls and an upscale interior provide the icing on the cake and sends your satisfaction into overdrive.
  • “Safety first” are words to live by, and at Volvo they’re words to drive by. The S Series makes break-through safety technology standard on all models without having to tack on optional features that increase the price-tag. Your new Volvo can bring your car to a complete stop when a collision is detected at low speeds. Numerous other innovations help you avoid, detect, and correct situations that land most cars in the repair shop.
  • As one of the largest auto leasing companies in the nation, D&M can locate the exact S Series of your choice and save you time by delivering it right to your doorstep. Our friendly team will customize a lease agreement that compliments your lifestyle so you can feel comfortable with your new investment. When your lease is up in a few years, simply return your S Series to D&M and we’ll take care of it for you. Let D&M help you lease luxury for less, fill out a free quote today.

The new Volvo S Series – it’s a sure thing.


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