Can I Move Out of State with a Leased Car?

If you are planning on moving soon, you may be wondering, “can I move out of state with a leased car?” or “are there additional fees if I am moving out with a leased vehicle?” The following quick steps will help in answering these questions.

Step 1 – Review your Lease Agreement

The lease agreement signed will outline your ability to take the vehicle out of state. If you are planning on moving out of state with a leased car, review your lease agreement. The terms and conditions associated with taking your car out of state will be outlined in the agreement.

Step 2- Inform & Obtain Documentation from the Lessor

Every lease agreement is different. The ability to move out of state with a leased car depends on the agreement made between the lessor and lessee. If this information is not outlined in your lease agreement, it is best to inform the lessor or leaseholder about moving out of state with your leased car. Insure with the leaseholder that there are not any limitations in which you cannot move your lease out of state.  

Ask the lessor if there are any additional documents you need to ease the lease transition from state to another. The leaseholder will provide the necessary documentation to facilitate your request. Additional documentation may be necessary if there is a specific laws, tax or fee associated with your new state.

Step 3 – Review New States Vehicle Fees

The last step when thinking about moving out of state with a leased car is registering your vehicle in the new state. Prior payments, taxes, and fees will vary from each state & may or may not migrate from one state to another. It is important to be aware of the new state’s laws, taxes, and fees applicable with your leased vehicle.

In short, yes, you can move your leased car out of state. Insure that the ability to move your is outlined in your lease agreement and/or inform your leaseholder. We hope the steps above will help ease the process of moving out of state with a leased car. D&M Auto Leasing is here to help answer questions and make leasing your next vehicle fast, simple and easy. Read more about our EZ Lease for your next car lease.