6 Common Car Leasing Setbacks

There are 6 common setbacks customers often experience when setting out to lease a vehicle. We can help you work around these obstacles and assure you that you are receiving the best deal.

1. I can’t find the vehicle I want to lease.

D&M works nationwide to give you the exact car you want, any make, any model, doing all the hard work for you.

2. I don’t understand the lease process.

D&M’s leasing agents make the lease process simple and efficient, guiding you every step of the way.  We are also haggle-free, meaning no obligation from you. If you just want a quote, we’ll give you one: no cost, no hassle. Take advantage of D&M Leasing’s best in class customer service today.

3. I don’t want to be trapped in a lease contract.

Our EZ Lease allows you to opt out of your lease without early termination fees.

4. I have poor credit.

D&M Leasing staff understands that every client’s situation is unique. We aim to meet our customers’ needs, and give you the best possible lease deal. If your credit score is very low, you may want to consider adding on a cosigner. Consult with a D&M’s leasing agents to advise on the best options for your situation.

5. I drive a lot.

The average driver accumulates 15,000 miles annually. Most car leases require you to stay under 12,000 miles per year. D&M’s EZ Lease was created to manage high mileage use. Consult a D&M Leasing agent to discuss the best way to handle your average annual mileage. 

6. I don’t trust leasing companies.

75% of D&M Auto Leasing’s business is attributed to repeat and referred business. We have a continuously growing community of satisfied customers that recommend us to their friends and family.

D&M Leasing takes the time to learn your personal needs and situation to find you the best vehicle for your lifestyle, for the best deal. Call us today.