Beat the Heat! Prevent Sun Damage to Your Car

As the dog days of summer are still well upon us, the intense summer heat can cause major damage to your vehicle. If you are currently leasing a vehicle, sun damage could surpass the amount normal wear and tear agreed upon in your car lease. If you intend to eventually trade in your car, sun damage prevention will help you get the highest vehicle trade-in value.

Review the following details for how to help prevent sun damage to your car:


Sunlight heats the pavement as badly as it heats up your tires. This is a terrible combination for your tread, especially if it is already worn. Check your tires monthly to make sure the tread is adequate and each tire’s air is at the proper gauge.  


Heat can deplete your car battery, accelerating its need for replacement. Try to park in the shade or under covered parking to help shield your vehicle from the heat. Also, keep jumper cables in your vehicle to prevent yourself from being stranded. Always have someone who is experienced jump the car battery for you, since this can be extremely dangerous if not done properly.


Stay on top of your oil changes because the engine needs to stay well lubricated throughout the summer in order to keep it running properly. Also, routinely check your car’s temperature gauge, if the temp is high, it could be due to inadequate coolant levels. If its coolant levels are low, there could be a worn hose or a damaged radiator.


Preserve your vehicle’s dashboard, and save your hands from a burning hot steering wheel by investing in a sunshade. Even the cheapest sunshade goes a long way in preventing interior damage.

Whether you have a leased vehicle or own your car, protecting your vehicle from damaging heat conditions is essential.