How to Lease a Used Car?

Have you ever wondered if or how to lease a used car? Most dealerships do not offer leases on certified preowned cars or used vehicles. At D&M Auto Leasing, we don’t keep our used car leases a secret. Read more about the benefits or leasing a preowned car.

What are the Benefits?

The biggest benefit of used car leasing is cost. Unlike traditional dealerships, auto leasing can be accomplished on vehicles that are the newest model. At D&M we offer the option to lease a used car, any make or model, for the best price on the market.

Looking for a BMW lease or Audi lease, but the payments are too high? With preowned car leasing you are able to choose the model and body style of your car for the best price. Used and certified pre-owned car leasing at D&M Auto Leasing offers various specials and lease deals to get you into your next car.

How much is it to lease a preowned?

Used car leasing can save thousands and can open more options. The monthly payment with used car leasing can be significantly lower than some new auto leases even with specials and deals factored into the contract. Preowned auto leasing often has an extended warranty that covers up to 100,000 miles which can help save on overall maintenance cost. Used car leasing is beneficial on your budget as the capitalized cost has already been adjusted with depreciation from the car being previously driven.

How to lease a used car?

By following the steps below we have outlined how to lease a used car:

  1. Contact or visit D&M Auto Leasing and inquire about how to lease a used car.
  2. Inform D&M Auto Leasing of the used car that you are looking for or wanting to lease
  3. D&M Auto Leasing offers financing and will work with your budget to get you into your next car.
  4. Inquire at D&M Auto leasing about lease specials and used car lease specials.
  5. Review the auto leasing terms as outlined in the lease contract. The used car leasing contract will be similar to a new car lease contract and will have mileage allowance, lease terms, and the buy-out or residual value of the auto at lease end.
  6. Sign and Drive!

D&M Auto Leasing offers real-time used car pricing to offer the best lease deal possible. With EZ Lease, leasing a used car is easy. Visit D&M Auto Leasing today or fill out the online form.