Lease a New Ford Truck

Ford trucks are known for their quality, outstanding performance and dependability. Awarded with the highest new car owner and performance rating after the first 90 days of ownership, the Ford truck is perfect for hauling cargo or even towing your boat for a weekend on the lake.

Any color, year, or model you want, D&M will find and deliver your Ford lease right to you. Here are four reasons why we think leasing a Ford at D&M Auto Leasing is the right choice for you.

1. Tough Performance

The Ford F-150 is a lightweight, full-sized pickup truck with high strength military grade, aluminum alloy body and bed. The aluminum is the same high-grade 6000 series used in military and industry applications, which in turn results in the best-in-class payload and towing.

2. Driver-Assist Technologies

Additionally, Our new F-150 and Super Duty trucks provide the latest safety technology. These features include: drivers-assist, pro trailer back up assist, blind spot monitoring, lane keeping system, and pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking to help you stay aware of all the obstacles on the road. Our Ford Super Duty truck has the option to enhance visibility with its high-definition 180/360-degree cameras that display all sides of the truck.

3. Off-Road Travel

The F-150 Raptor is equipped with FOX live valve shocks, which enhances the system by automatically adjusting suspension damping based on the terrain. The Raptor also provides Beadlock-capable wheels that allow you to air down the tires to a low psi for added traction.

4. Style

Ford pickup trucks’ signature style stands out with its black mesh grille, and machined aluminum wheels. This also includes interior STX upgrades for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. D&M can help you find any style and modal for your Ford lease, new or used.

Lastly, our D&M representatives can help you find the perfect lease on any Ford pickup. Just choose your model, color, options and amenities. Our representatives will then customize an EZ Lease for you on any Ford truck you choose. All this while saving you the time and the hassle of having to go dealership to dealership, and we’ll even deliver your new car lease to you!