What Does It Mean to Lease A Car?

Buying a car has its advantages, but one of the major leasing bonuses is that you drive more car for less cash. The benefits of leasing a car versus buying a car include painless budgeting, convenience, and getting the vehicle you want.  Find out what it means to lease a car at D&M Leasing. 

Easy Financing

Car leasing is often thought of as renting, but it’s really an alternate way of vehicle financing. With car leasing, you are only responsible to pay for the use of the vehicle in comparison to the vehicle’s entire, initial value. When leasing a car, your payments are solely based off the vehicle’s depreciation, resulting in lower monthly payments.

With the D&M Auto Leasing EZ Lease, you can lease a car with no money down and no payments for the first sixty days. Buying a car typically requires a down payment around twenty percent of the total value.


D&M Leasing will facilitate your lease over the phone and deliver directly to you. Drive a new vehicle every few years. You’ll be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty throughout the entire lease, saving you money on common repairs. You’ll also return your lease vehicle well before expensive repairs or maintenance.


The most exciting benefit of leasing versus buying is that you can have the car you want to drive, rather than compromising for the vehicle you can afford to buy. D&M Leasing staff works with you to facilitate the best car lease deal on the vehicle you want.

Whether you’re convinced a lease is for you or you just want to see more information about our options, learn all about our EZ Lease.

Get behind the wheel of your dream car today! Contact D&M Auto Leasing.