Should You Buy Your Leased Car?

The end of your lease is drawing near, and most likely, you’ve received offers from your auto lease company on new available leases. You may be considering buying your vehicle. This article will help guide you on whether or not you should buy your leased car.

Is the vehicle in great shape?

You’ve been responsible for its condition. If you’ve taken great care of it, then why not take advantage of the residual value?

Did you go over your miles?

Luckily with the low mileage costs of our EZ Lease, you win whether you choose to turn your vehicle in or settle the amends by buying it.

Do you still love it?

Then buy! At D&M we offer our vehicle trade-ins and lease returns directly to you! We post ours on our site for 14 days to sell directly to the public.

Check out our lease return inventory and get your next vehicle for less than market value!

D&M Auto Leasing is committed to keeping our clients happy. Chat with us today, and discuss your needs for your next vehicle.