What It’s Really Like to Lease a Car

At D&M Leasing, we love hearing from our customers about their experiences. Our customer Edward P. shares his candid reasons behind car leasing and his most recent experience at D&M Leasing:

Let’s face it, leasing cars can get a bad rep. But I’m here to tell you from personal experience that if you play your cards right, and know what you’re getting into, leasing can be a great choice. I have leased cars for years and have loved everything about it. I have a new car every few years, repairs (up to a certain amount) are generally waived or covered, and when my term is up I don’t have to worry about selling it and start the buying process all over again.

Leasing isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer to keep their car until they’ve paid it off and essentially drive it for “free” until it’s in the ground. That may work for them, but it was never for me. If you are considering leasing, I’ll tell you exactly what it’s like to lease a car.

Personal Car Leasing Experience 

My personal experience of leasing a car has been very positive. After many years of leasing, there are some tips and tricks I’ve learned that helped improve my experience along the way. Without a doubt, “knowing the numbers” is essential. You need to know the terminology and calculations of your payments. Being educated on the purchase price, residual, money factor, and down payment will help you get the best deal and keep your costs low. For this reason, doing some research ahead of time is essential!

By going in knowing (roughly) what the dealer was spending, I have been able to work with D&M Leasing and receive a great price that was better than competitors and worked for both me and them. Further, I generally get a much nicer and newer car for the same money as I would have trying to purchase.

Why I Will Continue to Lease a Car

One of my favorite points when discussing what it’s like to lease a car is never or rarely having to worry about repairs.  At D&M Leasing, they explain the vehicles warranty coverage, which covers most of the repairs. I have learned along the way to negotiate a portion of my repairs to be covered that aren’t included in the warranty. Seriously, this can be a life-saver for those with a tighter budget!

Another reason car leasing works well for me is the tax benefits. I use my leased vehicles for both business and personal driving. I can get a few extra deductions at the end of the year that I wouldn’t get if I had purchased a car. The benefit of driving to client meetings in a nice new BMW (or whatever I have that year) leaves a great impression with my client and is the car-equivalent to a glimpse of my successes in business. 

 Consider Leasing Your Next Car

Like I said, it works for me and I hope it can work for you. If driving new cars and not worrying about repairs, maintenance, or resale value is something that interests you, I implore you to give leasing a try. I think with the right experience you’ll be telling others what it’s really like to lease a car. My first lease was an EZ Lease and the experience was incredible. Wanted to say Thank You D&M for making the car leasing process easy and within my means