When It Makes Sense To Lease A Car

When deciding between leasing and buying a car, the decision comes down to what is most important to you now and in the future. For many, a lower cost per month, less maintenance issues, and always having an up-to-date vehicle is more attractive than the long-term commitment of buying a vehicle. To best choose when it makes sense to lease a car rather than buying, knowing the facts makes all the difference.

Leasing a Car Has Clear Advantages

Driving a car means something different to everyone. To some it is a mode of transportation from A to B. For others it is a part of them and their lives that they create a bond with. If you are someone who follows the former ideology, leasing has some great advantages over purchasing.

Below are some reasons when it makes sense to lease a car:

  • Lower Monthly Payments – This point alone can be the biggest reason to lease a car. Monthly payments to lease are often much less than a car loan. Not only can the payments be cheaper, but that can often be toward an even more luxurious car.
  • Less Long-Term Worries – It’s no secret that a purchased car’s value decreases dramatically the moment you drive it off the lot. After years of owning a car, paying for repairs, and are finally ready to sell it, you likely won’t get a fraction back of what you put into it. The same CANNOT be said about leasing.
  • Leased Cars are Generally Newer – This significantly reduces unexpected costs of driving a nice vehicle.
  • No Worrying About Reselling – Reselling a vehicle is frustrating. Selling it privately is difficult and selling to a dealership gets you less than you want. Leasing a car avoids both of these issues and makes it simple to drive a new vehicle every few years. Read more about our EZ Lease advantages.
  • Tax Deductions – If the leased vehicle is used for business, you may qualify for tax deductions that can be taken for a leased vehicle than a purchased one. Contact one of our commercial representatives to find out more and read further about our commercial leasing programs.

The D&M Leasing Difference

Leasing a vehicle can be a fantastic choice for those who are looking for an alternative to a long-term car purchase. Generally, leasing a car can even be a less frustrating experience when working with a personal auto lease company like D&M Leasing.

At D&M Leasing we want to do more for you and get you into a vehicle that will bring you years of happiness. How can D&M Leasing help you get into your next leased vehicle or help you find a new one that suits your interest?

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