Leasing Vs Buying a Car

Are you curious about the benefits of leasing versus buying a car? The answer depends on your current financial situation and what you value in a car.

Lower Monthly Payments

While owning your vehicle is often preferred, buying a car as compared to leasing is stressful and a financial strain. When buying, it is typical to pay twenty percent of the vehicle’s value upfront, while D&M’s EZ Leasing requires no down payment. Monthly loan payments are also substantially higher than lease payments. This is due to paying off the vehicle’s total value. When you lease a car, your payments are solely based off the vehicle’s decline in value, commonly referred to as its depreciation.  In considering a car lease quote, keep in mind that the depreciation rate over a lease term is only a fraction of its total value.

Get in the Car You Want

What do you value when scoping out your next vehicle? One of the benefits of vehicle leasing is that you can have the car you truly want, rather than shopping the limited selection of used cars in your budget. Perhaps, you really want a brand new SUV, but you can’t afford the down payment. A 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe lease solves both problems.

Get the Best Possible Deal

Maybe, rather than style, you seek quality auto leasing for a great deal. D&M Auto Leasing is guaranteed to be the best auto lease. Other third party car leases may try to sell you on a gas-guzzler, so they can cash in on the high depreciation rates. That is not how we do business at D&M. We are dedicated to giving you the best possible car leasing deal. This is why we facilitate your lease over the phone and deliver directly to you.

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