Leasing vs. Buying a Car Example

Find Out How Much You Can Save When You Lease vs. Buying a Car with D&M Leasing

Some people find it hard to believe that D&M Leasing can save them so much money on their new car. We broke down the cost of one of our most popular trucks. The 2017 Toyota Tacoma is a prime example of how much money you can save by leasing with D&M Leasing. Not to mention, you can get a new truck sooner than you can when you “buy!”

With D&M’s EZ Lease you can save 40% a month versus “buying” that Toyota Tacoma! Not to mention D&M Leasing’s EZ Lease means no down payment and no payments for 60 days! You can’t afford to not lease with D&M Leasing.

Still not sure if leasing is for you? Learn more about how our EZ Lease can work for you.